HairCut Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Folsom - Raleys Parkway Center

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I walked in, showed the "stylist" exactly what I wanted. Explicitly told her NOT to cut too much off, only layer the top and blend. She nodded her head like she understood but did her own thing and chopped my hair. Had no choice at that point but to accept it. This generation of kids JUST DO NOT LISTEN, they can hear sounds BUT THEY WONT LISTEN TO WHAT YOU SAY. It's pretty bad when you show them pictures of a style and they don't know how to cut it & won't say so... they are just trimmers, all they do is wack off the the shape of somebody else's work. I WILL NOT go back. It takes such time to grow hair long and endure the wait for the length to shape then have an amateur hack it off.. never again.

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